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IAAPH Certification Workshops

IAAPH provides seminars, workshops and certifications for coaches and sport professionals who are working with competitive athletes.

IAAPH certifications consist of lectures and practical applications to facilitate the learning experience and elevate the attendees expertise by focusing on the practical solutions so that the attendees can apply more advanced training concepts.

Speaker: Philipp Halfmann

Philipp Halfmann is an author, strength & conditioning coach, ATP tennis touring coach, exercise & sports science expert and educator with a Master’s in Exercise & Sports Science.


The “Strength & Conditioning for Athletes” seminar provides fitness- and tennis coaches with information on how to optimize training for athletes.


You will know how your athletes will become more powerful and less prone to injury by learning about the various training components needed to develop powerful athletes.

This allows you to deliver better results, raise your level of training, expertise and income potential.

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  • Why being powerful is desirable
  • Enhancing energy transfer
  • Optimizing movement economy
  • Improving energy system efficiency
  • Developing neuromuscular efficiency